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COSMOS SCIENCE FICTION , was a digest -size magazine. 4 issues, irregular, September 1953 to July 1954, published by Star Publications; edited by L B Cole. This was an unremarkable magazine of moderate standard which published no memorable fiction; the actual editing was done by Laurence M Janifer at the Scott Meredith Literary Agency. Meredith had arranged a packaging deal with a number of publishers to produce crime, mystery and sf magazines during the digest magazine boom of the early 1950s. Contents were assembled based more on budgets than any publishing policy. Star Publications, owned by Jerome Kramer, was really a comic-book publisher wishing to test the sf digest field and had only a small budget. The best stories were used up within the first two issues, which included work by Poul Anderson , Arthur C Clarke and Philip K Dick . Of interest in the second issue was "Visitor from Nowhere" (November 1953), an sf story by the mysterious writer of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (*1927*), B Traven (?1882-1969). Other contributors during the magazine's brief existence included Algis Budrys , Gordon R Dickson and Jack Vance .

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